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ECOAPE Network


Our aimes


  • Help connection and communication among artists of different art fields (dance, music, theatre, movies, literature, visual and fine arts, etc.)
  • Promoting art activities and products, aspiring to meet and be closer to each other (global art conception)
  • Help to introduce young artists and their works with organising  international exhibitions, art actions, festivals, art camps and writing art tenders
  • Edit Hungarian and international books, prospects, portfolios, placards, casettes and other promotional products about artists, even via media
  • Promote cultural heritage and environment, and innovate new cultural adventures in regional areas, make them closer to each other.
  • Develop a new virtual channel (artCHANNEL) including partners activities with the help of the Internet

  • Act as a crossing bridge between international schools at different levels, educational systems, and other institutes or communities occupied art or art teaching
  • Work out a high-levelled, up-to-date art-teaching system and methodology, in cooperation with international partners, using multimedia as a mediator channel
  • Improve conditions and assure art activities of young people with the help of international tenders (Comenius, Youth , Long Life L., Minerva, Leonardo etc
  • Promote regional environments and develop their cultural and educational possibilities with the help of international tenders (Town-Twinning, Grundtvig, Culture etc.)